Let’s learn together, I created this blog initially to recreate some of the Photoshop skills I learned online. This was also a way for me to touch base with other designers and enthusiasts. Let me know if there is anything I might be able to help you with.

Tutorial: A quick website mock up in Photoshop using free UI Packs

Wrenched Logo by Prodigal Concepts

I’ve gotten to know some really interesting people from the web because of prodigalconcepts.com and most recently I’ve had the opportunity to be asked to help out vectorfantasy.com to spread the word of their membership drive. Vector Fantasy is a resource website from Romania owned and maintained by Alin Herciu.

Tutorial: Titanic (3D movie) type treatment in Photoshop


Seeing the reworked movie poster at the train station got me inspired to try and recreate the title type treatment, so if you guys are ready to dive into this with me, let’s grab our Photoshop gears and make sure you inhale because were going really deep. continue reading

Tutorial: Cork textured download button in Photoshop


If you ever wanted to work with Photoshop Filters and didn’t know where to begin then this is your lucky day. We will use some of Photoshop’s filters to create our very own “Cork textured download button”.

Tutorial: Glassy orb style social icon in Photoshop


Like it or not social networking still rules as a means to drive traffic to your site. I know there are tons of tutorials out there on how to create cool social icon buttons but since you’re already here why not stay and learn a few basic tricks to your own glassy orb icon in I want to read this

Create a glassy lady bug icon in Photoshop


No one can deny the power of an eye catching icon to to help your visitors and readers scan to the juicy parts of your content or guide them to your call to action buttons. So today I’m going to show you how you can create your very own glassy lady bug icon in Photoshop. I want to read this

A photo manipulation tutorial, realm – The Ninth Planet part 3 of 3


As we reach the conclusion of our somewhat epic of a tutorial for “the Ninth Planet” that began with the creation of our landscape eventually followed by skyscape and now we will continue working on realm. I would just like to thank everyone who stopped by and followed this tutorial series. I hope you guys found it useful, educational and fun, please don’t forget to share. continue reading