User Centered Design in an Unassuming Packaging

Whenever I find designs in everyday objects that went through a rigorous thought process, I do a victory dance inside my head. It fascinates me when a lot of thought has gone through designing things we use everyday. Things that are intuitive enough to go unnoticed. Sometimes when I enter or exit an establishment I… Read This »



I have gazed upon photos of Santorini while growing up, on calendars mostly. We found that the island is more breath taking in real life. Although it’s too hot even for a tropical climate dweller like myself. The sea breeze helps a lot and being surrounded by water and beautiful scenery, beautiful people as well,… Read This »

Eastern Orthodox Monasteries of Meteora


After a long day of sitting on the bus and walking around the ruins at Delphi, we finally arrived at the quaint town of Kalabaka where we stayed the night. It is striking to see the monasteries set high on the cliffs called Meteora looking out over the valleys of Thessaly since the fourteenth century…. Read This »

Delphi, an Archaeological Site

Delphi Road Sign

We left Athens on the third day, joining an overnight group tour that would first take us to Delphi. Delphi was thought of by the ancient Greeks as the middle of the entire Earth. Our guide mentioned that Delphi is perhaps best known for the oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo. She… Read This »

Athens, Greece

The Parthenon

Last July 2012 we packed our bags and jumped on a plane bound for Europe. Our first stop was Athens, Greece. The 11.5 hour flight from Singapore with an almost 2 year old baby boy was only broken up by the 7 hour stop over in Doha. Upon arrival in Athens we were warmly greeted… Read This »

Travelling is a great experience

Travelling is a great experience

My mother wrote me a letter a long time ago, while I was a cadet on board the Oil/Bulk/Ore (OBO) Carrier named “HOEGH FOAM”. I was reading it while the ship pitched and rolled somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean when this next line caught my attention, and it never left me. She… Read This »

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