Hello, my name is Rod Rodriguez

a Web and Mobile UI/UX + WordPress

a Singapore startup alumni

I build websites

Websites should always have some element of fun without being too loud that distracts users attention.

I design mobile apps

It is quite a challenge to create an experience that helps consume information in such limited viewports.

I create user experience

People like to share experiences, good or bad. But give them a good experience and they will be your evangelists.

I'm a hackathon survivor

Nothing fancy, it was at work and open to all. But still an accomplishment I'm brandishing with pride.

There was a total of 9 entries. Mine was chosen as the overall winner. I have chosen to present a problem I have experienced personally. And my prototype solution was viewed viable for creating an app we could pursue. It's currently under development.

Disclaimer: I'm not a mobile developer but I do have a few years experience designing UI for mobile web and native apps

Let me tell you more about me

I'm a Web Designer for LittleLives. Located in the sunny island nation of Singapore. LittleLives is a promising startup that develops digital solutions targeted for the preschool industry.

I have geekout tendencies, but...

I was not born a web designer, I decided to pursue it when I could no longer contain my fascination for design, technology and functionality.

Meanwhile somewhere in South East Asia...

We call Singapore home, where my family and I have been living since 2009. Then in 2012 I got a taste of the healthy local tech startup scene.

I stayed home for 2 years

So I could take care of our new born son, and while he sleeps I squeezed in a few freelance projects. I also took this time to update my skills and learn more about up and coming technologies and trends that would revolutionize the industry.

I'm suffering from wanderlust

Together with my wife and our child we have been to more than 7 countries since 2008.