Basic photography techniques for newbies

Equip yourself The first camera I’ve actually owned was a Yashica FX-3 a manual SLR that I bought from a second hand store a long time ago. I got it real cheap because it was a fixer-upper. Nothing major, mostly aesthetics since it was probably sitting at the super store of cool finds for quite… Read This »

classes temporarily on hold

Thank you for coming, I really wish that I have more to share with you guys, but you will have to wait a little bit longer. I just need some serious time to get things together and then it’s just a matter of posting it here for all of you to enjoy. Meanwhile feel free… Read This »

Nikon D90

Engineered for artistry This is the description header you will find at the web site of – D90 page “Fusing 12.3-megapixel image quality and an exceptional 24fps D-Movie Mode, the Nikon D90 exceeds the demands of passionate photographers.” We recently became a member of the Nikon family when we purchased the Nikon D90, this… Read This »

Bert Monroy a digital photo-realist-artist

If there’s one digital artist today that would really stand out from a line up of the usual suspects I can only think of Bert Monroy, his website describes him as “digital photo-realist artist”. You can see Bert at his weekly show on called Pixel Perfect with Bert Monroy where he generously shares with… Read This »

American Choppers of Orange County

Heads-up: Since the publishing of this post the show “American Choppers” has been cancelled after 6 Seasons, their last episode was aired last February 6, 2010 with the *Kobalt bike build. But rumor has it that they will be returning for a Season 7, well that’s reality show for you. Let’s just wait what else… Read This »

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