20 Stimulating Photos from Amateur Photographers

20 Stimulating Photos from Amateur Photographers

Professional photography is one of those self proclaimed titles, theres so much gray area on the subject matter its like an out of focus photo. With practice and a lot of passion plus the right equipment anyone can be a professional photographer these days. All the resources you need are literally at your fingertips. The web is full of resources that would help you get started and help you get better. We have a community of professionals and enthusiasts always willing to lend a hand to those who would be interested in taking up this visually rewarding skill and they are ready to share the knowledge they’ve accumulated through experience that you will need to turn this hobby into a full time career if you want to. continue reading

Inspiration: We will, WeeWillDoodle

the cast of weewilldoodle

The guys and gals of WeeWillDoodle has been doodling since May 2007, and it didn’t take a long time for them to get noticed. They’ve been getting commissioned to doodle on walls and/or ceilings of fashion boutiques, offices and even bedrooms. They’ve doodled on promotional merchandise, shirts, bags and on occasion some skin, you name it they will doodle on it. Check out some of their work. continue reading

Typographic Portrait Tutorial by Abduzeedo

typeface portrait photoshop tutorial by abduzeedo

Fabio Sasso awesome graphic/web designer and the founder of abduzeedo.com from Porto Alegre, Brazil shares with us a simple to follow, stunning and effective Photoshop portrait tutorial using type. continue reading

Sharing the love of free iCons


Web icons come in all shapes and sizes, from cute to cool to even awesome. They adorn websites and users just can’t get enough of them which is why designers continue to make them. Here’s a set of free web and iPhone icons for you to enjoy and hopefully, enough for you to spread the joy. continue reading

Sharing Desktop Wallpapers is always fun

sharing wallpapers is always fun

I think one of my earliest computer skills was changing my desktop wallpaper. Some people may not agree that your desktop wallpaper is more than just an adornment of a laptop or a desktop. It could be your own personal gallery to display your digital artwork or even photographs that you are too proud to keep hidden in a boring file folder. Some people with myself included consider it an extension and a representation of the users personality. Like how a tattoo is to your skin. continue reading

Inspiration: Cultural themed website designs

cultural themed website designs banner

I love browsing online I think I’m addicted to it, *flashback – it was the time when there was no internet and I was getting buzzed with channels from cable TV, ahhh those were the days. *Back to the present, as a web designer I spend a lot of time online to search for tutorials, new tech trends, resources and inspirations that could help me with my work especially during those “creative block” moments and I’m amazed with the out-pour of great talents I find out there, the instability and insatiability to be creative is overwhelming. Coming up with fresh and original designs has been the *trend that has been building up and will continue to shape the way we see web designs long after the Web 2.0 mentality fades into the background. continue reading