20 Stimulating Photos from Amateur Photographers

I have always wondered how one separates amateur photography from professional photography, is it experience? Is it the process you go through to get those award winning shots? Is it public recognition? Is it the guy who came to my high school graduation asking me to pay for a picture taken of my back? Professional… Read This »

Inspiration: We will, WeeWillDoodle

I featured January “Jan” Cavan’s in my previous article Inspirations: Cultural themed website designs where I highlighted her web site’s grungy doodle inspired design. In that article I wrote that doodling and doodlers are now gaining momentum in the design community. To expand on that notion I would like to introduce you to a… Read This »

Typographic Portrait Tutorial by Abduzeedo

Typographic Portraits Using type to create portraits is a technique that produces a form of art known as typography. It involves arranging and modifying the type selection, spacing, font size, and the length of the line to be used in the artwork to come up with a desired illustration. Typography is performed by typesetters, compositors,… Read This »

Sharing the love of free iCons

Web designers love iCons, not just because a lot of them are free but also because users appreciate the information they represent. Icons makes visitors want to interact with the website. They rattle on their curiosity creating a form of call to action response. Having worked for a phone development company as a user interface… Read This »

Sharing Desktop Wallpapers is always fun

I think one of my earliest computer skills was changing my desktop wallpaper. Some people may not agree that your desktop wallpaper is more than just an adornment of a laptop or a desktop. It could be your own personal gallery to display your digital artwork or even photographs that you are too proud to… Read This »

Inspiration: Cultural themed website designs

I love browsing online, sometimes I think I’m addicted to it, *flashback – it was the time when there was no internet and I was getting buzzed with channels from cable TV, ahhh those were the days. *Back to the present, as a web designer I spend a lot of time online to search for… Read This »

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