Time to feature another brilliant artist, and what I have for you today is nothing short of pure awesomeness, contemporary but vintage (confused yet?). Maybe it’s just me because I’m simply in love with anything vintage and retro, why not? I think anything that could stand the test of time should be valued. You may just find yourselves in the same boat as you appreciate the vintage “style of art” from today’s contemporary featured illustrator, Carlos Valenzuela.

Carlos Valenzuela is a professional illustrator and comicbook cover artist from Chile. He has worked with companies in the entertainment field like Fantasy Flight Games, SQP Publishing, Comics Buyer’s Guide, Pyranha Bytes, Avatar Press, Overcast Studios, Arcana Comics, etc. Working on projects from book cover illustrations, posters, interior book art through artwork for collective card games.

A huge fan of the sci-fi and horror movie genre from the 40’s and 50’s, Carlos is heavily influenced by master illustrators Frazetta, Corben, Wrightson and Elvgren plus the classic publications from EC and Warren.

So ladies and gents please regard me as I present you with this vintage and retro feature, enjoy! (And don’t forget to share!)

Retro and Vintage

Terror from Outer Space

The Curse of Dracula

The Curse of the Vampire Queen

Sleep Well, Sleep Forever

Queen Amidala

The Huntress

Jessica Rabbit

Late Edition

The Visitor

A Bat-Note

Super Heroes and Villains

Heroes Attack

Gotham Girls

Fantastic Four

Enter the Green Goblin

The Usual Suspects


Gotham Babes

DC Heroes



Marvel Heroes 3

Horror and Fantasy

Homage to Lovecraft

Red Sonja II

John Carter of Mars

Classic Monsters

The Mummy Rises

Do not enter


Waiting in the Dark

The Barbarian

Princess of Mars

If you’ve enjoyed Carlos Valenzuela’s master pieces you can have the chance be a proud owner of his prints or why not commission him to incorporate you in a classic rendition of a horror or crime noir movie poster, just head on over to his portfolio site to find out more. (Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.)

Where to find Carlos Valenzuela on the web

Portfolio: @artworkfolio.com, @deviantart.com

Social Networks: Google+